About Us

Rebel Jewelry creates each piece of jewellery by hand in her studio in the beautiful city of Istanbul. Every piece of jewellery is handcut, carved and polished, making each one a unique work of art.”

Our History

Strega Jewelry – Rebel Jewelry

We are “Strega Jewelry Workshop” and our workshop is located in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul. We are the combination of 2 different generations, one of us, a mastergoldsmith for 50 years Mr.Bedros Çirişyan and me Ece Sensoy, 31 years old female jewelery crafter. Me and my mastercrafter (mastergoldsmith) work together for 5 years. Like I said earlier he is been in Grand Bazaar for 50 years. So I’m actually his apprentice 🙂 The Rebel Jewelry is our brand. We are trying our best to design and craft unique and special jewelry pieces for our buyers. We try to combine traditional jewelry styles with current and futuristic ones. We work with wax,copper, bronze, silver and gold. We usually work with precious gemstones and also with semi-precious stones. We really enjoy our work, hope you guys like it too 🙂 If you have any questions or design requests please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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